26 October 2009 @ 06:20 pm
Fic: Nightlight  

Title: Nightlight
Author: breathless_dawn
Rating: PG
Prompt: Whispers in the Night
Pairing: Axel/Kairi
Disclaimer: I am no king, therefore I own no Kingdom.
A/N: My fist submission for my [info]7rainbowprompts table! It's a bit fluffy, but what can you do? It was also written in the wee hours of the morning, so please excuse any errors XD


“Axel?” Kairi whispers. He only makes a muffled grunting sound into his pillow and turns over. “Axel, please…”


Ice-cold fingers clamp tightly around his arm, and he awakens with a groan, opening his eyes and staring blearily around. Before he has time to respond, he hears a high-pitched squeal and feels her scramble onto the bed, cracking a few of his ribs in the process. “Jesus, Kairi! What the hell?”


“Something is in here,” she whispers frantically. “Every time I close my eyes I keep feeling these things crawling all over me and I can’t breathe…” Her voice breaks.


“Are you crying?” Axel asks, and feels her stiffen. She doesn’t reply, but he hears her sniffle in a way that answers the question for him.


He sighs and sits up, trying not to kick Kairi off the small bed, and illuminates the room with fire that blossoms from his fingertips. Sure enough, there are tears sliding slowly down Kairi’s cheeks and her face is pale. Her fingers are still wrapped tightly around his arm.


He scans the room quickly for anything out of the ordinary, and upon finding nothing, looks into Kairi’s frightened violet eyes.


“You don’t believe me, do you?” she asks in a fragile voice.


“I might if you gave me my arm back. I’m starting to lose circulation.” Axel glances pointedly at her vice-like grip around his arm.


She quickly releases her hold. “Sorry,” she murmurs.


Axel thinks that if he weren’t so tired right now, he would probably make fun of her for this. Kairi half straddling him, on his bed in the middle of the night is completely laughable. Or at least it was, until she started crying.


He stares at her and starts to think that perhaps bringing her here was a bad idea. Every heartless and nobody would be attracted to her light; she is a princess of heart, after all. He sighs again. It’s too early for this. “I swear, princess, you’re going to be the death of me,” he says flopping back into his pillow and closing his eyes for a moment, trying to come up with a solution.


When he opens them again, he finds that Kairi has fallen asleep next to him (though she’s more on top of him, really). He frowns and considers shaking her awake, but thinks it would be more trouble than it’s worth. He grumbles incoherently for a moment before extinguishing the fire and pulling the blankets over both of them. 

Just when he’s nearly asleep, he swears he hears, “Thank you, Axel.” He’s too tired to be angry with her now, so he mumbles, “Sure, princess,” and falls asleep a moment later.

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