breathless_dawn: (Sora Riku *dead*)
breathless_dawn ([personal profile] breathless_dawn) wrote on November 9th, 2009 at 04:46 pm
Today...sucked. Only a lot. But now I'm determined to do something not at all productive. Even though I already have a couple fic tables I'm working on, I'm making myself a new one. The challenge of sorts I am setting myself is to write one hundred words about each of the fourteen Organisation XIII members. Nothing overly difficult about that. Table is below. Any who wish to try this with me, feel free to snag. I should be posting one every few days :)

ETA: 1-3-10 Ahaha. Did I say every few days? I meant one a month...maybe >_<

I XemnasII XigbarIII XaldinIV VexenV LexeausVI ZexionVII Saix
VIII AxelIX DemyxX LuxordXI MarluxiaXII LarxeneXIII RoxasXIV Xion

Started: 11-9-09
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