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Drabble: Of Kings and Raindrops
Title: Of Kings and Raindrops
Author: breathless_dawn
Rating: PG
Characters: Riku
Disclaimer: I am no king, therefore I own no Kingdom.
A/N: My second drabble in one day. That's a crazy thing in and of itself. This one was written for the [ profile] kh_drabble challenge [206] Storm. Riku-centric and angsty (which seems to be my preferred genre these days =/).

Riku remembers when he and Sora were young. He used to smile in the face of storms and would bet that he could last longer outside than Sora could. The next morning, when they sat sniffling on Sora's couch, they would both proclaim valiantly that they had won, until finally compromising and deciding that they were both kings of the storm.

Riku remembers when he was thirteen. When lightening would split the sky and the thunder would shake the very foundation of the world, Riku would stand outside, waiting for the wind to carry him to some far off world. He was always disappointed when his feet remained firmly on the ground.

Riku remembers when he was fifteen, on the night when the darkness tore open the sky. He remembers daring the storm to shake him, to prove to him there was something more out there. He remembers the darkness swirling at his heels, swallowing him and the world whole. He swore he was drowning.

Riku knows now that he is no king, knows that he was never able to control anything. He was a child then, but as the rain begins to fall in sheets and the lightening shoots across the sky, he realises that perhaps he still is.

Now instead of grinning into the wind, he closes his eyes against the feeling of darkness swelling in his veins, and waits for the universe to rearrange.
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