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breathless_dawn ([personal profile] breathless_dawn) wrote on March 3rd, 2010 at 11:24 pm
Drabble: Exogenesis
Title: Exogenesis
Author: breathless_dawn
Rating: PG
Pairing: Squint required Leon/Yuffie
Disclaimer: I am no king, therefore I own no Kingdom.
A/N: Some mildly angsty KHI Leon/Yuffie interaction. Set after Leon and Yuffie meet Sora (and Leon proceeds to kick his butt). I apologise for lack of flow. Do forgive me, I haven't written anything in ages =/

“Are you sure this is him, Squall? He looks a little on the puny side.” Yuffie cocks her head to the side, staring down at the boy exhaustedly draped over the bed. “Of course, he did manage to bring you to your knees, mister-big-ass-sword,” she says grinning. 

“It’s Leon, and I was going easy on him. He’s only a kid.” He frowns, the gravity of the statement sinking in. The boy can’t be older than fifteen, so why? Why would the Keyblade choose him as its master? 

Yuffie rocks on her heels. “I know, but it had to have chosen him for a reason. He’s obviously old enough,” she nods toward the Keyblade against the wall. “It’s his choice now, isn’t it?” She gives him a pointed look and he gets the feeling that she isn’t talking about the Keyblade wielder anymore. 

Leon sighs. “Yuffie…” 

The boy makes an indistinct noise, sparing Leon from finishing the thought, and they both turn to look at him. His eyes don’t open and Leon hopes that he’s at least having a pleasant dream because when he wakes up they’ll have to tell him exactly what’s happened, tell him that everyone is depending on him and that oversized key to save them from the darkness. 

“Hey, Leon?” 


Yuffie is still looking at the boy. “What if he can’t fix it?” she asks slowly. And for a moment she’s seven years old again, wide-eyed and frightened that the world will be consumed by black ash and yellow eyes.  

Leon wants to tell her that everything will be all right, but he knows better. He stretches an arm out to her, to touch her hair like he used to do when she young, but he stops himself and his hand falls back to his side. 

“I don’t know,” he says, and looks away because he can already feel the weight of her gaze and he can’t bring himself to meet it.
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