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Master Fic Index

**A standard disclaimer applies to the writings contained herein. Everything recognisable does not belong to me and I am making no profit.**

Pirates of the Caribbean


Echoes: G; Davy Jones, Beckett; 99 words for the [ profile] potc_dogwatch prompt "tentacles."

Led Astray: G; Elizabeth; Jack/Elizabeth; Her prayers whispered to the wind had been led astray again...

Embrace: PG; Jack/Elizabeth; Ghosts of her past serenade her in the night, imprints of time that had slipped through her fingers...

Inch: PG; Jack/Elizabeth; 118 words for the [ profile] blackpearlsails prompt "inch." DMC/post DMC.

Change: PG; Jack/Elizabeth (squint required); 99 words for the [ profile] blackpearlsails prompt "I should have..."; Post AWE.

Adding Insult to Injury: PG; Pintel; 144 words for the [ profile] blackpearlsails prompt "rib;" CotBP.

Mythos: G; Norrington; Jack/Elizabeth; He shouldn't be so surprised by their affinity for one another...

Short ficlets written post-AWE

Nevermore: PG; Jack/Elizabeth; My first plunge into sparrabeth and fanfic alike, written pre-AWE.

Constellations: PG-13; Jack/Elizabeth; They had stopped on a small island just off the coast of nowhere in particular...

They All Go into the Dark: PG-13; Jack/Elizabeth; AU AWE battle scene aboard the Endevour.

The Still Point of the Turning World: PG; Jack/Elizabeth, Will/Elizabeth; Short Fountain of Youth fic that fits into my Requiem verse.

Post-CotBP series as yet unnamed (WIP)

Part I: Here, There, or Elsewhere: PG-13; Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Elizabeth implied; Their misadventure with the priates has gone to her head, he thinks...

Post-AWE series as yet unnamed (WIP)

Part I: Requiem: PG-13; Jack/Elizabeth; She stubbornly refuses his offer, tells him that she doesn't want to leave. She's not entirely sure why. Perhaps she believes that staying here would bring a miracle...

Part II: A Change in the Wind: PG; Jack/Elizabeth; Her skirts feel heavy against her legs, soaked and captured by the tide, and she wants to let the waves carry her away...

Harry Potter

Forgive: PG-13; Harry, Snape!Portrait; My first plunge into HP fic with a four part drabble series; He is not sure the feeling of guilt will ever go away, and he's not sure he even wants it to because forgetting is almost harder than remembering...

White Flag: PG-13; Draco/Hermione; 176 words, AU HBP battle scene.

Moments of Being: PG; Remus/Tonks; Remus doesn't think he is strong enough for this, wonders if he is really a coward...

Futile Devices: PG; Draco/Hermione; Twenty sentences for [ profile] 20paperplanes colour theme.

Perspective: PG; Harry, Snape; Drabble set post-DH; They see an enemy even in death...

Living for Ghosts: PG-13; Severus/Lily; Twenty sentences for [ profile] 20paperplanes occasion theme.

Stepping Stones: PG; Harry, Snape, Ron; 260 words, set in an AU DH universe, wherein Harry reaches not-quite-forgiveness; Snape does not die. There are days (many of them) when Harry selfishly wishes he would have...


Ache: PG-13; Sasuke/Sakura; "Go home, Sakura. Forget me. It will be easier that way..."

Kingdom Hearts


Defeat: PG; Cloud/Aerith implied; My first Kh drabble written for the [ profile] kh_drabble challenge 187 Strength.

One for All: PG; Terra, young!Riku, young!Sora, Ven, Aqua; super squint Terra/Aqua; Birth By Sleep speculation drabble written for the [ profile] kh_drabble challenge 194 Gift.

Dominance: PG; Riku; Fifty words for challenge 196 at [ profile] kh_drabble

Translucence: G; Namine, Repliku; Second entry for challenge 196 at [ profile] kh_drabble.

Of Kings and Raindrops: PG; Riku; Written for challenge 206 at [ profile] kh_drabble. He was never able to control anything...

Imperfect: G; Olette; Written for [ profile] kh_drabble challenge 211 Apology; She closes her eyes, counts to ten, and hopes...

The Beginning: PG; Birth by Sleep speculation drabble for challenge 215 Begin at the End at [ profile] kh_drabble.

Exogenesis: PG; squint required Leon/Yuffie; Set during KHI; Leon wants to tell her that everything will be all right, but he knows better...

Keeper: G; Written for [ profile] kh_drabble challenge 291 Safekeeping; I have been called many things in my lifetime...


Forever in Dreams: PG-13; Axel/Kairi, implied Sora/Kairi; Set during KHII in between Axel's death and Kairi's escape from her cell; "Your goody two shoes is coming for you, you know," Axel says glancing at her...

Some Say The World Will End In Fire : PG-13 to soft R; Axel/Kairi; My first entry for [ profile] 1sentence.

Black, White, Shades of Grey: PG; Namine, Riku, Axel, Roxas, Sora; Collection of four drabbles featuring Namine and the KH boys; Post CoM and pre KHII; Everything is light. Even the girl. With her blonde hair and white dress and porcelain skin...

Fatal Flaw : R for violence and gore; Axel/Kairi (much squinting required); Short battle scene set in an undetermined time in KHII; Kairi gasps and braces herself to run again, but Axel shakes his head. "Too late for that now, princess..."

Picking the Pieces Up : PG; Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud, Cid; slight Leon/Yuffie and Cloud/Aerith; Spans between KHI and KHII; For a while, everything seems strange. The way the sun never shines, the way Squall never smiles anymore...

Stars Fading: PG-13 to very soft R; Axel/Kairi; My second entry for [ profile] 1sentence.

Nightlight: PG; Axel/Kairi; Written for my [ profile] 7rainbowprompts table prompt "whispers in the night;" "I swear, princess, you're going to be the death of me..."

Of Snowy Afternoons: G; Leon/Yuffie; Snowy, Christmasy fluff written for the [ profile] kh_drabble secret Santa exchange; Chasing Yuffie around in the middle of a snow storm all afternoon was decidedly not what Leon had in mind when he left the house...

Stockholm Syndrome: PG to very soft R; Axel/Kairi; My third entry for [ profile] 1sentence.

Ignite: PG-13 (with implied sexual references); Axel/Kairi; "You're afraid because you want this. Because you want me..."

Absolute Zero: G; Namine, Roxas, Xion, Sora, mentions of Terra, Aqua, Ven, Diz and Riku; *Birth by Sleep & Days spoilers* Winning entry at [ profile] kh_drabble for challenge 235 Duality!; Diz doesn't appreciate the gravity of what she is doing. Namine has seen what can happen when a person loses too many memories...

Gravitational Pull: G; Sora's mother, mentions of Sora, Riku, and Kairi; Entry for [ profile] kh_drabble challenge 254: expressions of love; Those first frantic days after the world was nearly ripped apart, she calls Sora’s name until her voice deserts her...

By Any Other Name: PG; Axel, Yuffie, Leon; mentions of Leon/Yuffie and Axel/Kairi; A silly birthday ficlet written for [ profile] iki_teru who requested an Axel and Yuffie fic; "Hey, Squall! Picture him in a suit with a ponytail. Who do you think of? Quickquickquick!"

Soul Eater

Phobia: R-ish for disturbing images; Soul, Maka; implied Soul/Maka; There are too many doors, too many passages. Too many places to look. You'll probably end up back here anyway; the conscious is a curious thing...

Doctor Who

Of Flamingos and Mickey Mouse: G; Ten/Rose; Written for the [ profile] then_theres_us ficathon for the prompt "Disney World;" "What's wrong with flamingos?" he asks defensively, "I love flamingos..."


Sparks: G; Remy Lebeau/Gambit, Jubilee; kindofsortofnotreally Gambit/Jubilee; My first very dialogue heavy and fluffy X-Men piece. "That's what you get for smoking, Cajun. I keep telling you it's bad for your health."

Writing Tables

[ profile] 7rainbowprompts 
Blue Set 

Whispers In The Night
Sake Of Love
Once In A Blue Moon
4. Overcompensation5.
Starry Nights
Welcome Home

Claim: Kingdom Hearts, General
Started: 5-29-09

Organisation XIII Table

I XemnasII XigbarIII XaldinIV VexenV LexeausVI ZexionVII Saix
VIII AxelIX DemyxX LuxordXI MarluxiaXII LarxeneXIII RoxasXIV Xion

Started: 11-9-09

[ profile] 1sentence 
Claim: Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Kairi, Theme Set: Alpha:

Claim: Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Kairi, Theme Set: Beta: Some Say The World Will End In Fire

Claim: Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Kairi, Theme Set: Gamma:

Claim: Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Kairi, Theme Set: Delta: Stockholm Syndrome
Claim: Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Kairi, Theme Set: Epsilon: Stars Fading 

[ profile] 20paperplanes 
Claim: Harry Potter, Draco/Hermione, Colour Theme: Futile Devices

Claim: Harry Potter, Severus/Lily, Occasion Theme: Living for Ghosts

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