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breathless_dawn ([personal profile] breathless_dawn) wrote on June 5th, 2009 at 04:09 pm
Fic: Forever in Dreams
Title: Forever in Dreams
Author: breathless_dawn
Rating: PG-13 for the teensiest bit of language
Pairing: Axel/Kairi, Sora/Kairi implied
Disclaimer: Kingdom hearts belongs to Disney and Square Enix, not me. Sadly.
A/N: I have an affinity for this pairing for some reason. Opposites attract, yes? Anyway...A short drabble written in the KHII universe somewhere between Axel's death and Kairi's escape from her cell. Inspired by my own dream (which is irony on a stick) and a bit fluffy, but what can I say? Also, Forever in Dreams is a working title. Feel free to give me any suggestions you might have for a better one.


She is walking around the island, when she sees his silhouette against the sunrise sky.


“Axel?” she asks when she reaches him, “What are you doing here?”


He looks up at her, and she thinks his eyes are even greener than usual. “I would think that would be obvious.” When she still looks confused, he adds, “You’re dreaming, princess.”


She remembers her cell in the white castle and sighs. “Oh…” When she sinks down next to him, he offers her an ice cream, which she accepts and begins to eat slowly.


“Your goody two shoes is coming for you, you know,” Axel says, glancing at her.


“Mmm,” she murmurs in agreement. She knows Sora will find her eventually. “You coming with him?” she asks playfully. “You’re a pretty lousy villain, so why not try for hero?”


He laughs. “I’d love to, princess, but I can’t.”


“Why not?”


“I’m dead,” he says bluntly.


Her eyes widen. “What? How?”


“Saved your boy’s ass from a bunch of Nobodies,” he says shaking his head. “Man, I’ve gone soft.”


“So…if you’re dead, am I just thinking of you, or do you have some kind of other worldly power that allows you to enter people’s dreams?”


He shrugs. “Dunno. I was able to communicate with Roxas’ conscious, but he was a Nobody, and Nobodies seem to defy all kinds of laws. Maybe it’s a bit of both.”


Her ice cream is beginning to melt all over her fingers, which Axel points out to her, but she ignores. She stares at him with a small frown and says, “I didn’t get to say goodbye.”


Axel looks surprised when her eyes fill with tears. “Geez, don’t get all sappy on me,” he says as she furiously rubs her eyes. He waits until she composes herself before he speaks again. “Look, Kairi, I’m sorry I kidnapped you.”


“Well, I’m not,” she mumbles, averting her gaze.


He chuckles and takes her chin between his fingers and kisses her fully on the mouth. “You’re an absolute riot, princess. Tell Sora he’s lucky to have you.”


When she wakes up, she can still feel the burn of his lips on hers, and her fingers sticky with ice cream.


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